In the category “Gesundheit” (Health), we give you an overview of the most important aspects concerning health in Germany. We explain relevant facts and procedures around the German health care system.

If you need medical support in Bremerhaven, you have to have the form Formular “V111” or the “Gesundheitskarte der AOK” (healthcare ID) with you. You can get the form as well as as the healthcare ID at the Gesundheitsamt (local healthcare authority) and at the “Sozialamt” (social welfare office).

You will be treated in every medical field and will receive necessary medication.

It’s important that you will bring a translator when visiting a doctor so that your concerns can be dealt with efficiently.

  • What do I need if I want to see a doctor?

    When you go to a doctor, you must bring the healthcare ID card or form “V111” with you. You can get this form or card at the health office, social welfare office and / or from your insurance company.

    If you are new to Bremerhaven, you are usually first insured with the AOK health insurance. You can change health insurance later.

  • How do I find a doctor?

    On the page of the kvhb you can search for doctors in your area. You can search for general practitioners or for specialists (for example, cardiologists). There is also the Dental Association search if you need a dentist. Before you visit a doctor, you should call them first and make an appointment.

  • What do I have to keep in mind when I go to a doctor?

    First of all, it is important that you arrange an appointment by telephone at the doctors office of your choice.

    For the treatment, it is very important, that you can communicate with the doctor. The doctor will ask you exact questions to make a diagnosis and to decide what treatment you will need. Therefore, always take a translator when visiting the doctor.

  • Where do I get medicine?

    You can get medicine at the “Apotheke” (pharmacy). There is verschreibungspflichtige (only available on prescription) medicine and medicine, that is available without prescription. You can get medicine without prescription in any pharmacy. To get medicine that is only available on prescription you have to go to a doctor first. The doctor has to make an examination and write a prescription. With this prescription you can get your medicine in the pharmacy of your choice.

  • What is the "ärztliche Schweigepflicht" (medical confidentiality)?

    Doctors are not allowed to give away information about you to others without your permission – neither to authorities, nor to your employer or family members. Partly, this also applies to information on the health state of your children. For example, the gynaecologist is not allowed to pass on information to you about examination results of your 16 year old daughter without her permission.

  • What is a "Gesundheitskarte" (healthcare ID)/ form "V111"?

    If you live in Germany, you must have health insurance. The health insurance company will give you an insurance card, also called a “healthcare ID”. You should always have this card with you. You need it when you go to a doctor.

    The only difference between the healthcare ID and the form “V111” is that the form “V111” is issued when a healthcard ID has not yet been issued.

  • Where do I get the "Gesundheitskarte" (healthcare ID) or the form "V111"?

    You can get the form “V111” from the social welfare office. The health card of the “AOK” will be sent to you by the social welfare office.

    If you change your health insurance company, your new health insurance company will send you the card by mail.

  • I don't have a healthcare ID card and I don't have the form "V111"- Can I still get treatment?

    The humanitarian consultation of the health office is aimed at refugees without identification papers and health insurance. Treatment is free of charge and anonymous.

  • I do not feel well. Where can I go?

    If you are not feeling well, you should see a doctor. It is best to call your family doctor’s office.

    If your family doctor’s office is closed and you cannot wait for the office to reopen, call the medical on-call service (116117).

    If you have an emergency and a life is in acute danger, dial the emergency number or go directly to the hospital (112).


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