illness and prevention

In Germany the treatment of illnesses is carried out by doctors in “Arztpraxen” (doctor surgeries) and hospitals. Established doctors work in their own doctor surgery. “Hausärzte” (house doctors) are general practitioners who treat all illnesses. “Fachärzte” (consultants) have specialised in a particular area. In hospitals emergencies are treated and operations (surgery) are carried out.

You should look for a “Hausarzt” (general practitioner) whom you trust near where you live so that you can visit him/her when you are ill. In addition you should let this doctor carry out “Routinebehandlung” (routine checkups) and “Vorsorgeuntersuchung” (screening examinations). You doctor will then be able to transfer you to a specialist or a hospital should this be necessary. To find a “Hausarzt” near where you live you can use this search Hausarztsuche Bremen und Bremerhaven

Please remember to always take you health card to appointments.

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