Basic qualification to become a job coach

Would you like to support people with special support needs and give them the tools to plan their careers and give them the qualifications they need to succeed in the workplace, and thereby make a positive contribution to corporate inclusion processes?

You will train to become a competent job coach in the extracurricular “Basic Job Coach Qualification” course. As such, you will increase disabled people’s chances to foster sustainable employment relationships and achieve their personal career goals more easily.

The tasks of a job coach include:

  • Advising jobseekers about their needs, skills and prospects
  • Conducting skills assessments and identifying possible fields of activity
  • Finding job vacancies and building/maintaining a good network of employers
  • Promoting and positively shaping the working and learning environment for the employee in cooperation with all parties involved
  • Providing solution-orientated and constructive support during critical phases


  • Module 1: General conditions, legal bases, tasks and position
  • Module 2: Preparation, application and initiation phase
  • Module 3: Implementation
  • Module 4: Conclusion, evaluation and transition phase

You will take part in a final colloquium at the end of the further education course.

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ProviderParitätisches Bildungswerk Bremen | Bremerhaven
AddressBahnhofsplatz 14, 28195 Bremen
BuildingParitätisches Bildungswerk - Private Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik und Heilerziehungspflege
Contact PersonFrau Marina Fink
Phone+49 421 17472154
Contact PersonNicole Lüllmann (Leitung)
Phone+49 421 1747286…
Last checked: 30.01.2024

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