German course for the job market

You finished your “Integrationskurs” (integration course) and would like to improve your German language skills for a specific job sector? You would like to learn more about the German job market? Get orientation on possible jobs?

The course takes 8 months and includes language courses especially for the job world. To communicate in German with colleagues, customers, and supervisors, you will learn vocabulary, grammar and popular sayings. Also you will practice to understand work specific text. Another key aspect is the writing of emails and letters.

Furthermore you will get information on different jobs, and a training on applications. We will visit work places so you can see different companies and job areas. Also you will do an internship in a field of what that you are interested in.

At the moment many counselling offices are closed to the public. Please ask via phone or email if they still offer counselling. In many cases counselling can be done by phone or email. Many other offices and venues are completely closed. Most of the courses and activities have been canceled. If you need to know about the status of this place or activity, please contact them first.
ProviderParitätisches Bildungswerk Landesverband Bremen e.V. - German courses
AddressFaulenstraße 31, 28195 Bremen
Contact PersonLudmila Vares
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Paritätisches Bildungswerk Landesverband Bremen e.V. - German courses