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When you have found a job, you also get a employment contract. This employment contract is very important, because it notes all conditions according your job. This includes rights and obligations for you as employee. This means for example… – how long you work for this company respectively whether you work on a temporary contract or on an unlimited contract – the tasks of your job – how much you have to work and how overtime hours are handled – how much you earn – whether you get special payments or have different working time – how many vacation days you have in a year – how long the canallation period is – what happens, when you are incapacitated for work Before signing the employment contract, you should read it carefully and make sure, that you understand everything what is written in there. In case that you are unsure and therefore want the contract to be checked, you can contact the counselling center of Faire Integration (fair integration) or of the chamber of employees. When you arrange an apppointment, in any case bring your contract along. If you don’t get an employment contract from your employer, you should definitly ask for it. An employemnt contract is important for your own protection, for example against “Schwarzarbeit” (illegal work) or against sudden unemployment.

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