anerkennung-berufsqualifikationenRecognition of credentials

You have a professional qualification from your country of origin or another country outside Germany? You have already gained experience in a profession in your home country? In that case, it is important to know, if your qualification is approved in Germany. You can find a list of the competent authorities for recognition on the website of the IQ Network Bremen. If you do not know exactly where to go for recognition of your profession or if you have general questions, you can get advice from the advice center for foreign professional qualifications. Please make an appointment for a consultation. On the website of the Federal Government you will find general information on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany in several languages.

  • Approval of professional qualification - How does it work?

    There are consultations on recognition. In the consultation you will receive information on whether you need recognition for your degree or for your profession. In case this profession does not exist in Germany, the counsultation looks for something that is comparable to it. The information portal of the Federal Government “Anerkennung in Deutschland” has a Search Engine for professions that are approved.

  • What do I need for the approval?

    For recognition, you need official papers about your qualifications like documents and certificates. These papers should contain as much information about your profession as possible. Be sure to bring the documents with you for consultation. If there is a chance that your degree will be recognized, an application for recognition can be made. The responsible office will assist you with the application. Then the recognition procedure starts.

  • I have a qualifications, but no papers anymore - What can I do?

    You can go through the approval procedure even if you do not have any papers anymore. In that case, you have to show theoretically and practically what you have learnt in your profession. Look for help in a counselling centre.

  • Who is responsible for the approval?

    For every kind of profession there are specific centers, that are responsible for the approval. There you submit an application for recognition. In the offers below you will find some offices responsible for recognition. Here you will find a list of the competent authorities in Bremen for the recognition of foreign qualifications. Check this list for your completion and contact the appropriate office for an appointment. If you do not know exactly where to go or if you have general questions, you can get advice at the advice center for foreign professional qualifications. Please make an appointment in advance for a consultation.

  • How long takes the approval procedure?

    When you have handed in your application, the procedure can take up to three months. In very complex cases, it might take longer.

  • How much is the application procedure?

    The approval procedure costs between 50 and 600 Euro. If you are registered at the “Jobcenter” or the “Agentur für Arbeit”, the costs can be covered under certain circumstances. Ask for advice on this from the recognition authority. Please note that there may be additional costs (“accompanying costs”). Find out about the costs at the recognition consultation.

  • What is a "partial recognition"?

    In some cases a degree is not fully recognized, but only partially. In this case, you may have to attend further qualification courses or pass exams to be able to work in this profession. Qualification measures can be found in the category Qualification & Training.

  • The application for recognition was rejected - What can I do?

    If your application for recognition is rejected, you should seek advice on your options from the competent recognition body. Perhaps you should then consider a different apprenticeship, study or retraining.


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