Vocational counseling for foreigners-bin Clearingstelle: General information

At the “bin-Clearingstelle”, experts help you to check if you can work and they help you to find the right job for you. The experts check if you can get a permission to work (“Arbeitserlaubnis”) and check your professional qualifications. At the bin-Clearingstelle, they can also help you to find an apprenticeship (“on-the-job-training”).  The experts speak: German, English, Arabic, and Farsi.

AddressFaulenstraße 31, 28195 Bremen
Paritätisches Bildungswerk Landesverband Bremen e.V. bin-ClearingstelleFaulenstraße 31, 28195 Bremen
Contact PersonFrau Claudia Jacob
Phone+49 421 1747231
Contact PersonFrau Sabine Herold
Phone+49 421 1747216
Last checked: 4. September 2016

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