mission statement

What do I need to know to find my way around Bremen? Where can I go to get advice?

“welcometobremen.de” wishes to register and publicise all important opportunities and contact points for refugees. The website intends to assist them in their integration and trouble-free participation in social life. In addition to refugees, the website is also an important informational platform for volunteers, administrative bodies and others. This is already being considered during the development phase: refugees and immigrants, full-time and voluntary staff are working together to design this website. The creators are working to develop the technical and graphical interface, moderate the important processes for the success of the website and ensure the continuation of the project.

The site has a simple design and is available in German, English, Arabic and Farsi. The internationally understandable symbols and photos are intended to make the content accessible to people who do not speak the languages on offer.

On welcometobremen.de, you can find addresses, contacts and extensive information about refugee aid in Bremen.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at info@welcometobremen.de.

To improve readability, the publication does not include references to male or female individuals. Any further words of gender are applicable to people of both genders.

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