Pre-vocational qualification for everyone who lives in Bremen

Want to expand your skills in order to successfully apply for a job, a traineeship or re-training? Want to get ready to enter the job market? Want to put what you’ve learnt into practice and deepen your knowledge with an internship to construct a professional future in Germany?

Pre-vocational qualification can give you a good foundation for this.

Pre-vocational qualification is aimed at immigrants looking for a job who ideally already have a school leaving certificate, some work experience (in their country of origin, in Germany, or elsewhere) and a B1 in German. However, this is not strictly necessary.

The application includes a German test and an interview in person.

Course contents in the 2 modules:

  • Application training
  • Professional German
  • EDP (Word, Excel, Internet)
  • Communication and conversation
  • Time management
  • Specialist knowledge for different professions
  • Career guidance
  • Key qualifications


Work, e.g.

  • in retail
  • in warehouse logistics
  • in a doctor’s practice or pharmacy
  • in a lab
  • at an optician’s
  • in hairdressing
  • in housekeeping
  • at a nursery

The Paritätisches Bildungswerk can also help you with your application documents.

Visit the provider's website for more information on registration:…
ProviderParitätisches Bildungswerk Bremen | Bremerhaven
AddressFaulenstraße 31, 28195 Bremen
Contact PersonFrau Elisabeth Schindler
Phone+421 174 72-78
Contact PersonFrau Anna Grellmann
Phone+49 421 1747251…
Last checked: 19.12.2023

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