Netzwerk Integration in the West of Bremen

The Netzwerk Integration in the West of Bremen (NIBW) is an association of six organisations. Together they offer nine projects for migrant people. Primarily for those who live in the districts of Gröpelingen and Findorff, but also in the whole city of Bremen.

The offers include:

  1. Job application workshop (AWO): help with CV, cover letter, etc.
  2. Bremen Empowerment Project (BreSoC): Safe-Space for people with a history of immigration and refuge. Empowerment workshops are offered as well as advice on residence and the job centre, and space for self-organisation.
  3. New paths for (young) migrant women (Grone): Women are supported to discover and follow their professional path – no matter what situation they are in.
  4. “JOIN US” – Intercultural Café and Empowerment (Neighbourhood House Helene Kaisen): Open café and various workshops (cooking, sewing, theatre, drumming, music) to get in touch and (re)gain confidence in the own abilities.
  5. Arriving in Germany (Syrian Exile Cultural Association): Various language courses with childcare for Arabic-speaking women of all ages and at different language levels.
  6. Accompaniment into the labour market (Verein für Innere Mission): Help and support in finding an internship, training, job or study. If someone is already in training or working, the team helps with problems in order to ensure the job or training.
Visit the provider's website to learn more:
ProviderWabeQ GmbHg
AddressWaller Heerstraße 56, Bremen
Contact PersonIvo Gruner
Phone+49 176 110 680 51
Last checked: 24.11.2023

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