Groups for Teens – Bürgerhaus Oslebshausen

The organization Bürgerhaus Oslebshausen e. V. sets up various groups open to teenagers. If you have questions or would like join one of the groups, please sign up in advance via telephone.

Here, you have the opportunity to join the dance group “XBYZ-Ensemble” and dance on a regular basis. There are also dance lessons which are open to everyone, featuring styles such as Hip Hop and Breakdance.

In addition, a course about the basics of film-making is offered.

“Vorklasse mit Arton” is a special program where refugees can improve their learning of the German language by sharing stories and finding common interests.

For up-to-date event times, please see the organization’s website.

For more information, visit the provider's website:
ProviderBürgerhaus Oslebshausen e.V.
AddressAm Nonnenberg 40, 28239, Bremen
Contact PersonHerr Pierre Doutiné
Phone+49 42164 51 22
Last checked: 10.10.2023

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