Groups for Kids – Bürgerhaus Oslebshausen

The organization “Bürgerhaus Oslebshausen e. V.” regularly sets up various groups open to children. You must sign up in advance via telephone before your child may participate.

A “Häkelclub” (crocheting club) takes place on Tuesdays, where kids can crochet, either alone or with their parents. On Thursdays, kids 4 years and older can do arts and crafts at the “Bastelbären” event, and play chess during “Schach für Kinder,” which is open to kids 12 and under.

Up-to-date event times can be found on the organization’s website.

Visit the provider's website to learn more:
ProviderBürgerhaus Oslebshausen e.V.
AddressAm Nonnenberg 40, 28239, Bremen
Contact PersonFrau Astrid Schalla (Kreativbereich, Umweltgruppe)
Phone+49 421 645122
Contact PersonHerr Joachim Kropp (Schachclub)
Phone+49 421 8982084
Last checked: 11.10.2023

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