Family and Neighbourhood Centre Neue Vahr Nord

The Family and Neighbourhood Centre offers activities for socialising and recreation as well as various advice sessions, and can refer you to other organisations if needed.

At the moment many counselling offices are closed to the public. Please ask via phone or email if they still offer counselling. In many cases counselling can be done by phone or email. Many other offices and venues are completely closed. Most of the courses and activities have been canceled. If you need to know about the status of this place or activity, please contact them first.
ProviderFamilien- und Quartierszentrum Neue Vahr Nord e. V.
AddressAugust-Bebel-Allee 284, 28329 Bremen
Contact PersonFrau Kirsten Noltenius (Koordination, Wegweiserberatung)
Phone+49 421 69696187
Contact PersonAndrea Strebe (Café)
Phone+49 421 69623152
Contact PersonDorit Andrea Lamprecht
Phone+49 421 84789456
Contact PersonFrau Simone Rießinger (Haus der Familie)
Phone+49 421 69648700
Familien- und Quartierszentrum Neue Vahr Nord e. V.

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