Basic early-years childcare qualification

The Paritätische Bildungswerk is responsible for training early-years staff to complete their basic qualification in cooperation with PiB (Pflegekinder in Bremen gGmbH). This includes:

Prepatory courses for entry to the early-years childcare qualification:
The Paritätische Bildungswerk runs this prepatory courses so that you may complete your basic qualification in early-years childcare and concentrate on learning from the experts there.

Prepatory qualifications:
Here you will acquire and expand upon your specialist knowledge and skills for your future job as an early-years practitioner during lessons and internships.

On-the-job training:
This qualification will accompany you in your new job as an early-years practitioner.

This qualification allows you to work in preschools.

Please visit the PiB website for more information.

PiB (Pflegekinder in Bremen gGmbH) is the specialist service for preschools in Bremen. It takes you through the initial steps to becoming qualified and later accompanies you in the workplace once you become an early-years practitioner.

Visit the provider's website for more information on registration:…
ProviderParitätisches Bildungswerk Bremen | Bremerhaven, PiB
AddressBahnhofsplatz 14, 28195 Bremen
Contact PersonFrau Katja Ohlenbusch
Phone+49 421 1747238…
Last checked: 16.11.2023

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