Social services, advice and assistance – Social Welfare Office (Social Centres)

There are various organisations in the Social Centre which focus on urban development and other social matters.

At the “Social Welfare Office”, you can get financial support if you are unable to work or if your income is too low. The Social Welfare Office is also responsible for the protection of children and advising people who find themselves in difficult situations.

There are six Social Welfare offices in Bremen. You can find out which is your local office on this map (insert link).

  • Bremen Nord, Am Sedanplatz 7
  • Gröpelingen/Walle, Hans-Böckler-Strasse 9;
  • Bremen-Mitte, Rembertiring 39;
  • Bremen-Süd, Große Sortilienstraße 2-18;
  • Vahr/Schwachhausen/Horn-Lehe, Wilhelm Leuschner Straße 27 a;
  • Hemelingen/Osterholz, Pfalzburger Straße 69 a

Times and phone numbers for your local district can be found on the provider’s website or on the aforementioned map.

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