Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle / Vocabulary Puzzle (Ukrainian)

The fun way to learn German vocabulary – made possible by the Vocabulary Puzzle. A variety of vocabulary quizzes have been created in collaboration with Ukrainian speakers to simplify the process of mastering the German language for Ukrainian refugees. These crossword puzzles contain the most frequently used words in the German language. In addition to textual hints, each puzzle also comes with its own colourful illustration, which further increases learning using visual associations.

In addition to the answers to all vocabulary puzzles, the study booklet also contains a dictionary of searched terms. The puzzles also provide you with clues as to the word type and gender for each term, which will help to train your understanding of German grammar.

The chosen words will give you a wide-ranging vocabulary which you can use to express yourself easily. The vocabulary puzzles stand out from other teaching methods and ensure that you learn German words quickly.

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Last checked: 12. December 2023

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