“Stay on the Ball” and “Fit Girls” – Werder Sports Club, Bremen

With the refugee project “Stay on the Ball”, the Werder Sports Club in Bremen offers open football training sessions and other activities for refugees.

In addition, since September 2015 there has been the group “Fit Girls” which is a sport and leisure project for girls between the ages of 13 and 17. Once a week refugee girls are put together with girls from the Werder Sports Club in different sports. Together they can find their strengths and develop a love of sport. As well as sport, once a month a leisure activity is offered as part of the project, in which those who take part can get to know each other better. There is also a girls football group.

You can find the current activity times on the provider’s website.

ProviderSport-Verein "Werder" von 1899 e.V.
AddressFranz-Böhmert-Straße 1c, 28205, Bremen
Contact PersonHerr Michael Arends
Phone+49 421 434590
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Sport-Verein "Werder" von 1899 e.V.

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