Nachbarschaftstreff Klönhof (Neighbourhood Meeting)

Klönhof is a neighbourhood meeting in Huchting. Klönhof is a project by the mobile Sozial- und Pflegedienst vacances, by bras (arbeiten für Bremen) and by GEWOBA.

bras e.V. runs a job-creation scheme for migrants from Bremen in the housekeeping sector, which is funded by the Jobcentre. This means that you can also work at Klönhof.

There are daily lunches, coffee and cakes and various leisure time activities.

Please visit the provider’s website for more information.

For more information, visit the provider's website:…
Providervacances Bremen, bras e.V., GEWOBA AG
AddressNimweger Straße 11, 28259 Bremen
Contact PersonFrau Martina Hoffmann
Phone+49 421 378777…
Last checked: 10.10.2023

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