German course for the job market

You finished your “Integrationskurs” (integration course) and would like to improve your German language skills for a specific job sector? You would like to learn more about the German job market? You would like to get a good job?

This course offers 8 months of language classes especially for the professional world. You will learn vocabulary, grammar and popular sayings in order to communicate in german with colleagues, customers, and supervisors. Additionally,  you will practice to understand work related text as well as how to write e-mails and letters for a professional context.

You will also receive information on different professions, and a training on how to write applications. During the course you will visit different work places to find out about different companies and job fields. Finally, you will do an internship in a field that you are interested in.

ProviderBildungszentrum der Wirtschaft im Unterwesergebiet e.V. (BWU)
AddressSchillerstraße 10, 28195 Bremen
Last checked: 20. August 2016

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