AG (working group) Refugees Welcome- German courses

German Courses for refugees in Bremen!

This working group is in its fourth semester already and offers German courses for refugees. By doing so they are helping to lay the foundations for successful integration from the very beginning. During the last semesters the working group and its tasks have significantly grown. By now they are a well-rehearsed team of students and members of staff of the university. They have fixed schedules for their courses for refugees in the whole of Bremen, wherever you might live and regardless of your native language. Currently they offer two courses per week, all in fixed rooms at the university of Bremen, carried out by at least three teachers. Therefore refugees can be looked after very individually and intensely and they are very flexible should one of their teachers be absent.

ProviderAG Refugees Welcome - German courses
AddressUniversität Bremen, Bibliothekstraße 1, Bremen
Last checked: 7. November 2016

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