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The website www.welcometobremen.de is about welcoming all refugees and migrants on behalf of the city of Bremen.
Moreover, it sets out to provide its users with all the necessary information for arriving and living in Bremen. For this reason, the website has a simple layout and, over the course of 2017, it will be available in German, English and Arabic, as well as in French and Farsi. Through the use of internationally recognisable symbols and photos, the website will also provide key information, addresses and telephone numbers for people who do not speak the offered languages.
The project “welcometobremen.de“ can only be realised with the help of a large volunteer base. At present, there are 100 volunteers supporting the project. The website’s content is being organised by a network of editing groups. Its active collaboration with refugees who have already received consultation should guarantee that the website reflects their own experiences and demand for a meaningful support network for refugees and migrants. (This photo shows just some of our volunteers)The project was set up by a cooperation network from the media agencies “vomhörensehen” and tjards.com, the neighbourhood management “Kattenturm&Arsten Nord” and the “LidiceHausgGmbH”.If you would like to support ”welcometobremen.de“, please contact us. At present we are seeking translators into Arabic, Farsi and French.Email: info@welcometobremen.de
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